Steel knowledge is our strength - we pick up where other steel wholesalers end up

Over 30 years of experience in importing and exporting steel has given LIVALLCO a unique knowledge of materials, various steel manufacturers and transports.

This together gives you a guarantee that we can always be a steel wholesaler that delivers high quality products at competitive prices.

What does Livallco do?

Livallco helps wholesalers and engineering companies to broaden their steel range in a smooth and economical way.

Short delivery time

We complement the wholesaler’s role by delivering materials of odd qualities, dimensions and quantities with short delivery times.

A wider range

Livallco delivers and stocks materials that are not normally stocked by steel wholesalers.


Livallco and subsidiary Smith & Stensson can offer a number of different products in Sweden and Scandinavia through its agencies.


We can provide materials that are quality assured according to the requirements on the market.

Years of experience

Three decades of import and export of steel have given Livallco solid knowledge of materials, steel manufacturers and transportation.

Our business concept is to deliver materials that are not normally stocked by local steel wholesalers. In this way, LIVALLCO can supplement the wholesaler`s assortment.

LIVALLCO helps you refine your products

Thanks to a close collaboration with our experienced subcontractors, we can, in addition to pure sheets, also offer machined details. We can deliver both cut and figure-cut details according to the customer’s specifications. LIVALLCO processes both short and long series, in both thin and heavy plates, in all conceivable qualities at a competitive price.