A wider range of products

Livallco supplies and stocks materials that are not normally stocked by steel wholesalers. The company's strength is a wide range of products and 30 years of experience.

Three decades of importing and exporting steel have given Livallco extensive knowledge of materials, steel producers and transport. As a result, Livallco always delivers high quality products at competitive prices.

Livallco helps wholesalers and engineering companies to expand their product range in a smooth and economical way.

Sheets and bars

We complement the role of the wholesaler by delivering materials of odd qualities, dimensions and quantities in a very short time.

According to customer specifications, Livallco delivers both cut and shaped parts. Thanks to a close co-operation with experienced subcontractors, Livallco can process both short and long series, in both thin and heavy plate.

Livallco performs cutting (such as water, gas, laser or plasma cutting), shearing, cutting, sawing and bending.

Pipes and fittings

Nordic Pipe AB has been part of the Livallco group since January 2014.

Together with Nordic Pipe, the Livallco group can offer a wide range of welded and seamless pipes, including specialised products made according to drawings. In addition to pipes, there is also a wide range of pipe accessories such as bends, flanges, cones, tees and curved ends. Pipe material is available to most standards such as:


Together with Nordic Pipe, Livallco Stål can also offer valve products, bolts and fasteners, gaskets and other complementary products such as pipe suspensions and couplings.

Pre-insulated pipes and flexible assembly systems are further parts of the range which, together with the rest of the range, make the group a complete steel supplier.



Smith & Stensson was formed with a focus on the shipbuilding industry with beams and plates, anchors, chains and other ship equipment.


Smith & Stensson is acquired by Arnvall & Lilja AB, which is later reorganised as Lival & Co AB, half owned by the French company Daval. Eventually, Daval (now Arcelor) becomes the sole owner.


Per Norlander leaves the company and founds Livallco Stål AB.


Smith & Stensson is bought by Livallco Stål. Today it is a subsidiary that handles the agencies.


Imel Stål AB is bought - a company that imports and sells stainless and speciality steel to the Swedish market.


Nordic Pipe AB, which trades in pipes and pipe accessories, becomes part of the Livallco group.