Cold rolled stripsteel

Cold-rolled sheet is a rolled/hot-rolled product that has a final process where the sheet is rolled in a cold state. The process requires rolling under high pressure and produces a fine and smooth surface with fine tolerances compared to hot-rolled products. A cold-rolled plate can also be rolled thinner than a hot-rolled plate. Cold-rolled sheet is available in thicknesses of 0.3 – 14 mm.

Livallco Stål specializes in cold-rolled sheet metal that is extra thick. Cold-rolled sheet is normally manufactured in thicknesses of up to 4-5 mm, however, we specialize in cold-rolled sheet that is up to 14 mm thick. Normally, sheet metal over 4 mm is manufactured as hot-rolled sheet metal. With cold-rolled sheet metal, the correct thickness tolerance can be reached directly without the need for additional processing. You then avoid expensive processes such as milling and grinding.

Cold-rolled extra-thick plate is manufactured in most steel grades, such as structural steel, hardenable steel, spring steel, carbon steel, boron steel, high-strength steel and key steel.

From 2023, we can also deliver cold-rolled sheet metal that is hardened directly at the mill, which means both economic and environmental benefits.