According to the customer’s specifications, Livallco delivers both cut and figure – cut details. Thanks to a close collaboration with experienced subcontractors, Livallco can process both short and long series, in both thin and coarse sheet metal. Livallco performs cutting (such as water, gas, laser or plasma cutting), cutting, cutting, sawing and bending.

Water cutting

With abrasive water cutting, you can process virtually all materials, such as stainless steel and titanium. Water-cut parts are not exposed to any heat exposure, the edges of the cut material are of high quality and usually do not need any finishing.

With only 0.2-1.5 mm wide cutting beam, there will be minimal waste of material.

A parallel infrared laser beam is used in laser cutting. The light beam quickly heats up the material and forms a narrow cut. The nozzle in the cutting head allows gas flow coaxial with the laser beam. Oxygen and nitrogen are most often used in industry. The cut is only a few tenths of a millimeter, which gives minimal waste of material.

Plasma cutting

A plasma cutter creates an arc between the cutting electrode and the processed material and it is the heat in the arc (plasma) that cuts through the material. The plasma melts the goods locally and the molten material is transported away from the cut by means of the gas jet.

Gas cutting

Acetylene or propane is most often used as a fuel gas, an oxygen jet performs the cutting process in the material. Depending on which substances are included in the material, affects the ability to gas cut.

Sawn and cut

Livallco also provides sawn and cut material according to the customer’s wishes.
The advantage of this method is that the material is exposed to very little heat exposure.


Thanks to a close collaboration with a number of blasting plants, blasting is carried out according to the customer’s wishes.

Heat treatment

We can offer i.a. annealing, normalization to make further processing possible and curing to complete the material for end use.