Livallco offers a very wide range of special profiles in steel, stainless steel and titanium.

The manufacturing process can be compared to the production of aluminum profiles, but steel is more viscous and needs higher temperature and higher pressure during the extrusion itself. Livallco has worked as an agent for Siderval since the 80s and has thus built up a close relationship and high product knowledge regarding profiles.

Siderval is a world leader when it comes to specially designed heat-extruded steel profiles. You can extrude hollow as well as solid sections. In terms of size, the profile fits within a diameter of 220 mm. Siderval is today certified to, among other things, EN ISO 9001, EN 14001 and EN 9100: 2009 for Aerospace.

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Advantages of extruded profiles in steel, stainless steel and titanium compared to other manufacturing methods:

  • No need for expensive machining or expensive welding
  • No material waste / scrap
  • No tension
  • Guaranteed straightness of max 1 mm / m
  • Low tool cost
  • Low min. quantity

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