Material for qualification of welding procedures according to EN ISO 15614-1.

Livallco has extensive experience in delivering materials for qualification of welders and welding procedures according to SS-EN ISO 9606-1: 2013 and SS-EN-ISO 15607.

Livallco stocks pipes, sheet metal and rods for qualifying welding procedures according to EN ISO 15614-1. See table with material grouping according to ISO / TR 15608: 2013. Livallco stocks materials in Sweden and can normally deliver within a couple of days.

All material we deliver has an associated material certificate according to EN 10204-3.1 (2004). The material is hard-stamped with charge number to provide full traceability.

The following materials are in stock:

  • S355J2+N
  • St 35.8
  • P355GH
  • 16Mo3
  • 13CrMo4-5
  • 10CrMo9-10
  • 1.4301
  • 1.4404

If you are looking for any other material, we will be happy to help you get a quote for this material.

Welding procedures

Standards such as ISO 3834, ISO 9001 and EN 1090-2 state that quality work must identify and plan the production processes that directly affect quality. The processes must be performed under controlled conditions. This is especially true for processes that cannot be verified at subsequent inspection and where deficiencies are revealed only after the product has been put into use. Welding is one such process where special welding procedures may be needed.

Qualification of welding procedures

Welding procedures can, depending on the application of the product and the geometry of the weld, be qualified in different ways, e.g. according to the following standards:

  • SS-EN ISO 15614 Welding procedure qualification
  • SS-EN ISO 15613 Outcome welding test

It is very important that before production begins, decide which method a welding data sheet (WPS) should be qualified according to, as there are requirements for qualification. The use of a special method to approve a welding procedure is often a requirement in the design rules or a requirement from the customer, authority or the manufacturer himself.

Aaccredited qualification of welding procedures according to SS-EN ISO 15614-1 / SS-EN ISO 15613 >

A welding procedure check always begins with the preparation of a preliminary welding data sheet (pWPS) according to ISO 15609.

A standardized test piece (15614-1) or a production-like welded joint (15613) is welded under the supervision of Inspecta according to the preliminary welding data sheet. Inspecta then performs destructive and non-destructive testing of the test piece. The results of the test together with data from the monitoring are reported in the form of a WPQR (protocol for qualifying a welding procedure). WPQR indicates areas of validity within which qualified welding data sheets (WPS) can be drawn up.