X22CrMoV12-1 / 1.4923

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X22CrMoV12-1 / 1.4923

, , 1.4923

Steel X22CrMoV12-1 is a low-alloy steel used primarily in high-temperature applications, especially in the manufacture of steam boilers, pressure vessels and gas turbines.

Steel X22CrMoV12-1 is characterized by its excellent high temperature strength, resistance to oxidation and creep resistance. These properties make it well suited for use in environments with high temperatures and pressures, where other materials may break or degrade quickly. It can withstand temperatures of up to 600°C and has a high yield strength of approx. 600 MPa.

Overall, steel X22CrMoV12-1 is a high-performance material used in the energy industry due to its excellent mechanical properties and high resistance to corrosion and oxidation at high temperatures. It is often used in the construction of superheater tubes, reheater tubes and steam tubes in boilers and turbines.

An alloyed, martensitic, heat resistant pressure vessel steel for use in applications with a working temperature up to 600°C. Often used for turbines, steam boilers, power plants and the chemical industry.

Dimension RoundbarØ 5 - 525 mm
Flat / SquareYes
Yield strengthmin. 600 N/mm²
Tensile strength800 - 1050 N/mm²
Impact testmin. 52J at 20°C