The widest range of pressure vessel steel

Livallco Stål stocks probably the widest range of pressure vessel plate in the Nordic region. We supply pressure vessel plate, pressure vessel pipes, rods, fittings and pressure vessels.

We also deliver the forging with short lead times and have extensive experience and knowledge of the various requirements regarding standards and tests. In this way, we can always deliver approved and certified steel according to your specific requirements with short lead times.

Alloyed boilersteel

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Unalloyed boilersteel

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Euronomy Execution Material W.Stoff Operating temp. PDF RFQ


, 1.0405 max. approx. 450°C

P235GH TC1

1.0345 max. approx. 450°C

P235GH TC2

1.0345 max. approx. 450°C

P250GH / C22.8

1.0460 450°C


, , , 1.0425 450°C


1.0481 450°C


1.0473 max. approx. 400°C


, 1.0565 max. approx. 400°C


, 1.0566 -40°C to 400°C


, 1.1106 -50°C to 400°C


1.0471 -20°C to 400°C


, 1.8932 max. approx. 400°C




1.8915 -40°C to 400°C


1.8918 -50°C to 400°C

Non-alloy, alloy and stainless pressure vessel steel at Livallco

The manufacture of pressure vessel steel is highly regulated as the applications for which it is used are often very critical. All products we stock are certified and supplied according to 10204 3.1.

We stock

Pressure vessel steel in many designs

With experience and knowledge, we have built up a wide range of products. With us you will find products and steel grades that are not normally stocked by steel wholesalers.You will find many designs of pressure vessel steel such as

  • pressure vessel plate in heavy plate
  • pressure vessel pipes (seamless and welded)
  • bars
  • profiles.

Applications of pressure vessel steel

Pressure vessel steel is used in stressful environments where the material is subjected to high pressure or low internal pressure. The most common applications are in

  • oil and gas industry
  • energy
  • nuclear power
  • automotive industry.

The steel is typically used for the manufacture of pressurised equipment such as boilers, pressure vessels and tanks, compressed air containers and pipework.