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, SS 2511 1.7131

16MnCr5 is a low alloy steel suitable for case hardening. After case hardening, the steel acquires a tough core and the surface becomes durable.

The “16” in 16MnCr5 refers to the average carbon content of approx. 0.16%, which makes the steel weldable. “Mn” stands for manganese which contributes to hardenability and strength and “Cr” for chromium which improves hardenability, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. These additions of alloying elements make the steel suitable for heat treatment processes such as case hardening.

16MnCr5 typically has a tensile strength in the range of 640 MPa to 930 MPa. After appropriate heat treatment, 16MnCr5 steel can achieve high surface hardness, making it suitable for wear-resistant applications.

16MnCr5 exhibits good machinability, weldability and resistance to wear and fatigue. It can be used in both low and high temperatures and can withstand moderate to high stress levels.

16MnCr5 is often used in the manufacture of gears, shafts and other components in machines. Often found in the automotive industry.

Dimensions Sheet / Plate2 - 200 mm
Dimensions RoundbarØ 5 - 850 mm
Flat / SquareYes