Cold rolled stripsteel

Cold-rolled sheet is a rolled/hot-rolled product that has a final process where the sheet is rolled in a cold state. The process requires rolling under high pressure and produces a fine and smooth surface with fine tolerances compared to hot-rolled products. A cold-rolled plate can also be rolled thinner than a hot-rolled plate. Cold-rolled sheet is available in thicknesses of 0.3 – 14 mm.

Livallco Stål specializes in cold-rolled sheet metal that is extra thick. Cold-rolled sheet is normally manufactured in thicknesses of up to 4-5 mm, however, we specialize in cold-rolled sheet that is up to 14 mm thick. Normally, sheet metal over 4 mm is manufactured as hot-rolled sheet metal. With cold-rolled sheet metal, the correct thickness tolerance can be reached directly without the need for additional processing. You then avoid expensive processes such as milling and grinding.

Cold-rolled extra-thick plate is manufactured in most steel grades, such as structural steel, hardenable steel, spring steel, carbon steel, boron steel, high-strength steel and key steel.

From 2023, we can also deliver cold-rolled sheet metal that is hardened directly at the mill, which means both economic and environmental benefits.


The strip plate is fed through different pairs of rollers to the desired dimension

When cold rolling, you start from a hot rolled and pickled sheet or coil.

The strip plate is fed through a number of roller pairs where it is reduced step by step down to the desired dimension. Between the different rolling processes, the sheet may need to be tempered in order to be further reduced. In the final stage, the strip / plate is annealed and the edge plate is cut to give the desired properties.

Livallco offers cold-rolled strip sheet in steel grades that are not usually available at wholesalers

Livallco delivers cold-rolled sheet in steel grades that are not usually stocked or produced at Swedish wholesalers and service centers. We also offer cold-rolled sheet / strip in thicker dimensions than what is normally offered. Do you need high-quality steel with flexible product dimensions in both width and thickness? We at Livallco quickly deliver cold-rolled strip sheet as both format sheet and coils to your business. The fine surface structure and the tight tolerances also mean that you often do not have to sand or mill the surface.

Coils are delivered in rings with an inner diameter of 500 mm and max. 2000 mm in outer diameter.

Thickness 1,0 – 12,0 mm
Width 30,0 – 750 mm
Quality 42CrMo4, 16MnCr5, C45E, 51CrV4, C15E, C60E, 58CrV4, C35E, C75S