Free cutting steel

Free cutting steel is a high alloy steel with good machining properties. It is typically used for manufacturing high-precision components. It is designed to form small chips when turning and milling. This increases the machinability of the automatic steel because smaller chips shorten the contact time between the chip and the cutting tool; the short contact time also reduces friction and thermal energy transferred to the tool. Reduced heat input means less wear on the tools used.

Euronomy Execution Material Swedish standard W.Stoff PDF RFQ



11SMnPb30 / 9SMnPb28

SS 1914~ 1.0718

11SMn30 / 9SMn28 / 11SMn28

SS 1912 1.0715

Composition and properties of automotive steels

Automotive steels usually have several alloying elements such as carbon, silicon or chromium. Adding small amounts of lead while increasing the sulphur content gives the desired chip breaking effect.

The composition gives the high machinability and high strength to the automatic steel. Several of the materials can be induction hardened with some improvement in tensile strength and yield strength.

Areas of use

The properties of automotive steel make it particularly suitable for applications such as the automotive industry and machine manufacturing.

  • chrome plating
  • cylinders
  • hair shafts
  • ventilate
  • rollers for conveyor belts
  • fasteners and similar components.

Free cutting steel is also commonly used in the manufacture of pumps and other mechanical systems.

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