General structural steels

A structural steel is designed to provide mechanical properties such as good toughness and high strength.

Structural steel is available in many designs and formats such as bar, sheet metal, profile, hole profiles, beam, pipe, forging, etc. This provides flexibility for a designer to design in a simpler way. Structural steels are also designed to provide a favorable price. According to EN 10025, a structural steel has a designation that generally begins with S. Ex. S235, S355 and so on.

Structural steel – used for welding and building construction

Structural steel is widely used in building construction and in the manufacture of e.g. machine parts and ships. We offer steel with good weldability, bendability and cutability. Plates are available in standard size up to 12 meters or as figure cut according to drawing and long products as cut pieces or in full length. Livallco delivers both high and low quantities, which makes us unique on the market. Short delivery times and great knowledge mean that you get high quality steel at competitive prices. Welcome to contact us at Livallco!