C60 / C60E

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C60 / C60E

, SS 1655 / 1678 1060 1.0601 / 1.1221

C60/C60E is a high carbon steel with excellent hardness, strength and wear resistance.

It contains approximately 0.57% to 0.65% carbon. Besides carbon, C60 C60/C60E may contain small amounts of alloying elements such as manganese, silicon and trace elements to improve specific properties or simplify manufacturing.

The high carbon content gives the material its hardness and strength. C60 has a high tensile strength, in general in the range of 670 to 850 megapascals (MPa). With suitable heat treatment, C60 can achieve a hardness range from approx. 170 to 250 Brinell hardness (HB). Correct heat treatment is essential for optimal properties of C60/C60E. Processes like quenching and tempering can be used to achieve the desired hardness and toughness.

C60/C60E has moderate machinability. It can be machined, annealed and drilled using appropriate tools and techniques but compared to lower carbon steels, more careful machining processes may be required.

C60/C60E is not classified as weldable, if welding needs to be done this should be done with caution. High carbon steels such as C60/C60E are very sensitive to cracking during welding. Preheating, post-weld heat treatment and careful control of the welding process are often necessary to avoid problems in the heat-affected zones.

Often used for axles, gears, knives and machine parts, etc. where the combination of high strength, wear resistance and toughness is important.

Dimensions Sheet / Plate1 - 150 mm
Dimensions RoundbarØ 16 - 800 mm
Flat / SquareYes
Pipes / Fittings / Flanges-
Yield strengthmin. 340 N/mm²
Tensile strengthmin. 670 N/mm²