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, SS 2541 1.6582

34CrNiMo6 is an alloy steel that belongs to the nickel-chromium-molybdenum steel group. It is a high-strength, high-toughness steel commonly used in the manufacture of heavy machine parts, such as gears, shafts and axles.

The designation “34CrNiMo6” indicates that this steel contains 0.34% carbon, 1% chromium, 0.25% molybdenum, 1.5% nickel and small amounts of other elements such as silicon and manganese. The addition of nickel and molybdenum gives 34CrNiMo6 its high strength and toughness, while the carbon content gives good wear resistance and machinability.

This steel is usually supplied in the quenched and tempered condition which means it is heat treated to improve its properties. This heat treatment process involves heating the steel to a high temperature, followed by cooling in oil or water, and then tempering at a lower temperature to reduce brittleness and improve toughness.

34CrNiMo6 is known for its excellent mechanical properties, including high tensile strength, high yield strength and good fatigue resistance. It is also known for its good weldability, which makes it suitable for use in welded structures.

Overall, 34CrNiMo6 is a toughening steel with very good hardenability and with high tensile strength properties that is often used for components with high stresses.

Sheet / PlateSawn from forged blanks
Dimensions roundbarØ 5 - 800 mm
Flat / SqaureSawn from forged blanks
Hexagon -
Pipes / Fittings / Flanges-
Yield strengthmin. 800 N/mm²
Tensile strength1000 - 1200 N/mm²