Nitronic® 50

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Nitronic® 50

UNS S20910

Austenitic, nitrogen strengthened, nickel alloy stainless steel. Excellent corrosion resistance even in low
temperatures, high strength, good magnetic permeability.
• Superior corrosion resistance
• Almost twice as high yield strength compared to grade 304
• Approved for food applications
• Exceptionally low magnetic permeability
• Outstanding cryogenic properties
• Good seawater resistance
Used for pumps, valves, fittings, fasteners, chains, screens and wire cloth, marine hardware, springs and
parts for heat exchangers.

In the beginning of 2022, Livallco started a collaboration with AK Steel International, which is a world-leading stockist of 17-4Ph. Livallco is from then on an exclusive dealer of AK Steels International’s products in Sweden.

You can read more about these products on their website