X20Cr13 / 1.4021

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, SS 2303 420 1.4021

Martensitic hardenable steel for use where moderate corrosion resistance is required. Can advantageously be polished to a very fine surface as optimal corrosion resistance is achieved after polishing. Preheating the material before welding is recommended. Used i.a. for piston rods, fasteners, pump and valve parts.

Dimension Sheet / Plate0,5 - 16 mm
Dimension RoundbarØ 1 - 550 mm
Yield strengthmin. 600 N/mm²
Tensile strength800 - 950 N/mm²
Impact testmin. 20J at 20°C

Properties of material x20Cr13

1.4021 contains chromium and has a low carbon content of about 0.2 %. The steel has a corrosion resistance which can be polished to optimum resistance. x20Cr13 has high strength and further hardness can be achieved by hardening. If the material is to be welded, preheating to high temperature is recommended.

SS 2303 is magnetic and case hardened. The heat treatment condition is 800-1100 °C and the steel cools slowly after hot forming. The steel has better machinability than stainless steels which are traditionally high alloy austenitic steels.

The steel has good resistance to:

  • fresh water
  • steam
  • some lighter chemicals
  • air
  • alkaline solutions

At Livallco we perform many types of cutting.

Applications SS 2303

1.4021 is a versatile steel with many applications. SS 2303 can be used for applications and products such as

  • nuts, bolts and other types of fasteners
  • various types of shafts
  • machine parts
  • pump and valve parts
  • piston rods
  • armature
  • agitators
  • spindles.

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