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, SS 2368 253MA*** 1.4835

1.4835 / 253MA* is an austenitic heat-resistant steel. It is stainless and acid resistant. The steel has strong oxidation resistance. 1.4835 also has strong scaling resistance at temperatures up to about 1150 °C. 

*Registered trademark of Outokumpu Oyj.

Dimension Sheet / Plate1 - 60 mm
Dimension RoundbarØ 5 - 200 mm
Pipes / FittingsYes
Yield strengthmin. 310 N/mm²
Tensile strength650 - 850 N/mm²

Properties of 1.4835

The steel has properties and a chemical composition that give it very good weldability. The steel can be both cold-formed and hot-formed but is hardened only by cold working.

The properties of the steel include

  • heat resistance
  • resistance to oxidation
  • resistance to creep
  • good mechanical properties
  • good dimensional stability at high temperatures
  • very good weldability
  • a high resistance to chalking.

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Application of X9CrNiSiNCe21-11-2

The properties of the steel make it suitable for several applications. For example, the steel is used for

  • applications in the oil industry
  • expansion bellows
  • conveyor belts
  • exhaust components for vehicles
  • valves and flanges
  • various types of piping systems.

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