Tool steels

Tool steel is a collective term for different types of steel used for different types of applications. Originally, the term tool steel referred to the types of steel used for different types of hand tools. These were steels that could be sharpened into sharp edges for cutting operations in e.g. wood. Since then, the term has gradually expanded to other areas. Today, tool steel is referred to as an area generally known as industrial tools.

Tool steel can be divided into different groups

Steel for industrial tools can be divided into the following groups: cold work steel, hot work steel, plastic mould steel and high speed steel.

Euronomy Execution Material Swedish standard AISI W.Stoff PDF RFQ


Silver steel 1.2210




AISI L6 / T61206 1.2714


SS2312 1.2436




AISI H11 / T20811 1.2343






, SS 2722 AISI M2 / T11302 1.3343


, AISI 02 / T31502 1.2842


, SS 2140 AISI 01 / T31501 1.2510


, SS 2310 AISI D2 / T30402 1.2379


, SS 2260 AISI A2 / T30102 1.2363


, SS 2242 AISI H13 / T20813 1.2344


, 1.2312


, 1.2162

C45U / C45W

, SS1650~ G10450 1.1730
  • Plastic mould steel: A type of steel used in tools for forming plastics and light metals such as zinc and aluminium. In this process, a melt is pressed into a steel mould under high pressure. The steel has good resistance to abrasive and corrosive wear. Examples are 1.2311, 1.2312, 1.2085 and 1.2316.
  • High-speed steel: Has very good cutting properties and is used in the manufacture of tools that generate high frictional heat, such as lathe steel or drills. The steel retains its strength up to 600 °C. Examples of steels are: 1.3243 and 1.3343.
  • Cold work steel: Suitable for tools where the working temperature does not exceed 200°C. The steel has good wear resistance, hardness, toughness and can withstand high pressure. Examples are 1.2363 1.2510 1.2842
  • Hot work steel: Used in applications such as hot forming above 300 °C. These steels have better resistance to hot abrasion, thermal fatigue, cracking and plastic deformation. Examples are: 1.2367 1.2344

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