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SS 1430 SA/A 106 gr. B 1.0405

P235GH is an unalloyed pressure vessel steel with high temperature (up to approx. 450°C) – and high pressure resistance, which makes it suitable for use in various industrial applications.

The “P” in P235GH stands for “Pressure”, indicating that it is designed for use in pressure vessel applications. “235” represents the minimum yield strength of the steel in megapascals (MPa). “GH” indicates that the steel is suitable for elevated temperature, where “G” refers to elevated temperature properties, and “H” indicates creep resistance at high temperature. Tubes are often supplied with the addition TC1 or TC2. For TC2, an extra longitudinal ultrasound test has been performed.

P235GH steel has good weldability and is easy to process. Areas of use are general in the manufacture of boilers, pressure vessels and pipes for the transport of hot liquids and gases. The steel is often used in power plants, petrochemical plants and the oil and gas industry, where high temperature and high pressure environments are common.