P250GH / C22.8

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P250GH / C22.8

SS 1450 A/SA 105 1.0460 450°C

The steel grade P250GH is a low-carbon, unalloyed boiler steel primarily used for high-temperature pressure vessel applications. It is often used for the manufacture of pressure vessels, boilers and pipe systems in power generation and the petrochemical industry where high temperatures and pressures occur.

This steel grade is suitable for use in temperatures up to 450°C and is typically used in applications where steam or gases are transported at high pressures and temperatures. It is also widely used in refineries, chemical plants and other industrial facilities that require pressure vessels and piping systems.

The P250GH steel grade has good weldability and formability and is characterized by its high resistance to deformation and low thermal conductivity. It also exhibits good toughness and ductility, making it a reliable steel-grade for use in demanding applications.

Dimensions RoundbarØ 10 - 1250 mm

Classified steel from Livallco

At Livallco we stock C22.8 material as hot rolled or forged bars. Our plate is supplied with classification according to national standards:

  • EN C22. 8 / P250GH / 1.0460 / SS 1450 / ASTM A 105.
  • Certificate 3.1 according to AD 2000 W13 (PED).


P250GH is widely used in valve construction and in the manufacture of flanges, bolts, nuts, couplings and power installations. The boiler steel is manufactured to be particularly suitable at elevated temperatures in various types of pressure equipment.

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