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A/SA 350LF6 Cl.1 1.8936

P420QH is a high temperature, high strength, quenched and tempered, fine grain steel used for pressure vessel applications.

P420QH is the material designation according to the EN (European Norm) system. “P” stands for “Pressure” and “420” indicates the minimum yield strength in megapascals (MPa). In this case, P420QH has a minimum yield strength of 420 MPa. “QH” means it is a quenched and tempered material suitable for high temperature applications.

P420QH is specially designed for use in high temperature applications, such as pressure vessels and boilers, where the material is exposed to elevated temperatures and pressures. It has good formability in both hot and cold conditions and good weldability. The steel is often impact tested in temperatures down to -60°C, which gives it a wide working temperature range.

P420QH is often used in industries such as the oil and gas industry, petrochemicals and power generation.