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Diamant 14S®


Diamant 14S has a Mn-content of 12-14% which provide the steel with excellent wear resistance. Diamant 14S steel combines good wear resistance properties with excellent cold forming properties. The steel structure achieve its final wear resistance when used in abrasive environment. Mechanical forces on the surface make the top layer on the surface transform to martensite. After some use, the surface hardness increase to levels up to 700HB.
Diamant 14S is often used as wear resistant material in crushers, excavators and general mining industry. The material is also used as drilling protection in security cabinets and safety doors. The steel is also used in civil protection applications e.g. in banks, police buildings, armory, shooting ranges and jails. Other applications are interior of automatic shot-blasting machines.

Composition C1,10
Composition Mn12–14%
Dimensions Sheet / Plate1,5 - 50 mm
Dimensions RoundbarØ 6 - 160 mm
Dimensions Flat / SquareFlat 20x15–100x10 mm / Square 10–40 mm
HardnessHB 200-240 (Surface hardness up to HB 700 after work hardening)
Tensile strength615 N/mm²
Yield strengthHard to define
ElongationMin. 40%
ImpactAt +20°C : 102 J. At -20°C : 68 J
CuttingWater- and lasercutting. Cutting thickness is dependent on the application, cutting method and requirementon tolerances.
Cold formingCan be bent to a radius of 3 x t (thickness) across the rolling direction.
WeldingCan be welded with an electrode (stainless steel electrode, used for welding SS EN 1.4436) of equivalent quality (austenitic). We recommend ESAB's electrode OK86.08 or OK86.20 or equivalent.
MachiningThe steel can be ground but turning and milling is not recommended.