New in our range: Maraging steel C 300 (Maraging steel)

26 February 2015

Marble ring steel is a 18% nickel, cobalt-reinforced steel with excellent mechanical and heat treatment properties.

The yield strength is around 870 N/mm² which after ageing increases to about 1980 N/mm². The hardness is about 53 HRC after ageing. The material is therefore easy to process and mould before ageing.

Ageing takes place at 480°C for 3-5 hours.Maraging involves precipitation hardening martensite from a low carbon steel. Instead of utilising carbides (as in ordinary hardenable steels), metal compounds such as Ni3Mo are added, and Al, Ti and Nb are also added.

The material is excellent for both TIG and MIG welding.

Typical applications are tools for profiles, shafts, gears, fasteners and also engine casings for missiles and rockets and landing gear.

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