Investment castings

CIREX: Your partner for precision moulding

Livallco represents Cirex BV on the Swedish market.

Wax melting/precision casting is a very suitable method for the production of steel castings with complex shapes and high dimensional accuracy and quality. In addition, it allows for great freedom in the design and material selection of the castings. Precision casting is by far the best quality casting method on the market.

Why choose castings from CIREX?

CIREX is your partner in precision casting. We place great value on a good customer relationship, which largely determines the success of a project. In good cooperation with you as a customer, we want to act as your development partner, sharing our thoughts and ideas on product design, material selection, measurements or possible processing. All this is matched exactly to your needs and wishes. The goal is to achieve an optimal precision casting through joint dialogue. CIREX is your partner in achieving a successful outcome of your casting! CIREX has one of the largest facilities in the world when it comes to precision moulding.

CIREX produces high quality steel components for automotive, aerospace, process and machine construction purposes. Their highly automated facility in the Netherlands is optimised for high volumes.

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In the Czech Republic and Slovakia, CIREX has three additional facilities. The foundry in the Czech Republic is optimised for small and medium-sized series, and the other plants perform post-processing operations such as roughing, machining, heat treatment, etc.

CIREX mixes steel on its own to the desired composition. This gives the customer a wide range of choices.