Hardenable steels

Hardenable steels have undergone a special process to increase their hardness and strength. Hardening is done by rapidly cooling the steel from just above the austenitisation temperature (723 °C) to room temperature. Usually, the steel is cooled by immersing it in water or oil.At Livallco, you will find hardenable steels like

Boron steel

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Low alloy quench and tempering steel

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Euronomy Execution Material Swedish standard AISI W.Stoff PDF RFQ

C15 / C15E

, SS 1350 / 1370 1015 1.0401 / 1.1141

C35 / C35E

~SS 1550 / 1572 1035 1.0501 / 1.1181

C45 / C45E

, , SS 1650 / 1672 1045 1.0503 / 1.1191

C60 / C60E

, SS 1655 / 1678 1060 1.0601 / 1.1221

Case hardening steel

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Quench and tempering steels

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Composition and characteristics

The composition of the steel affects its properties. By adding carbon and other alloying elements, desirable properties and different types of hardenable steel can be obtained. A higher carbon content in the steel favours martensite transformation and increases hardness while also making the steel more brittle. Hardenable steel has high temperature resistance.

Applications of hardenable steels

Hardenable steels are used in many types of industries, such as automotive and aerospace, but are also common in tool making and in the manufacture of machine parts. Hardenable steels are well suited when there is a requirement for the steel to withstand high loads, continuous wear and high temperatures.

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