Nitriding steel

Livallco offers many types of nitrided steel for hardening the surface of steel components.

Nitriding steel is a specific group of materials used to nitrate and harden the surface of steel. Common applications for nitriding are in the treatment of small gears, crankshafts and wear parts. We can supply all types of nitriding steel - including customised products - with short lead times.

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How does nitration work?

Nitriding is a heat treatment process that increases the nitrogen content in the surface of the steel and creates a case-hardened surface layer. The process is similar to case hardening, but performed at lower temperatures.

There are many advantages to nitration:

  • The steel being nitrided has reduced dimensional changes compared to traditional carburisation.
  • Nitriding does not give the same depth of hardening compared to case hardening.
  • Nitriding can also increase the corrosion resistance of a component.