As a player in the global steel market, we at Livallco Stål AB have found our way to contribute to a sustainable environment now and for the future.

We know that our customers are concerned about sustainability and environmental work, and as a supplier we want to live up to their expectations and high standards. Livallco's knowledge of the steel industry and its environmental challenges is very extensive and we have long experience in the field.

  • Both our offices and warehouses are energy neutral. We have solar panels on the roofs, and they produce as much energy as we consume in a year.
  • We are careful to recycle everything generated in our process - scrap metal, metal, wood, cardboard and paper waste.

At Livallco, we want to contribute to important social functions in infrastructure and industry and we are constantly working to create sustainability both now and in the future.

But for us, sustainability is not only about the environment and the health of the planet, but also about the kind of company we choose to be - for both employees and customers.

For us, it's about ensuring that everyone feels good and enjoys life both at work and outside. At the centre is the customer, and we work continuously with their needs and always want to prioritise long-term collaborations.